About the company

The main field of activity of the company is agricultural production and the sale of agricultural products to Estonian customers. We also deal with forest management.

Tartu Tehnika AS owns about 2000 hectares of land and rents an additional 1000 hectares. On 1500 hectares we grow turnip rape, rape, rye, wheat, oats, and peas, on 1500 hectares is short-lived grassland.The company has about 140 hectares of forest land. The company has its own woodchipper, which we also use for rendering services.

The company also deals with growing beef breeds. Our livestock includes such meat-type beef breeds as Hereford, Limousine and Aberdeen Angus.

Laeva Põld OÜ, which cultivates 1500 ha, Õunaaia Talu OÜ, which cultivates 600 ha, Tamsa-Agro OÜ, which cultivates 650 ha, and Bohlen EH OÜ, which deals with forestry, belong to the same group as Tartu Tehnika AS.

Owing to subsidies and diligent partners, we have made extensive investments in modern human- and environmentally-friendly agricultural equipment. As for machines and towed vehicles, we use such trademarks as NEW HOLLAND, KUHN, KIRE, KVERNELAND, LEMKEN, and HORSCH. The company has its own grain dryer, the production capacity of which allows, in addition to drying the yield, also to render services.

From 2007, we have been a member of the association of farmers “Kevili”.. From 2010, Laeva Põld OÜ has been a member of the commercial association “Wiru Vili”.